Loanstock Payment

Thank you for registering your interest to invest in Locavore. If you would like to go ahead with your investment, please follow these steps:

Please make sure you fully understand the implications of investing in Locavore.

Loanstocks are an unsecured investment which means that should Locavore go bankrupt you may lose your investment. Please make sure you understand all the information on loanstocks provided on this page and are happy to proceed.
We also invite you to have a look at our projections and our latest accounts.

Making changes

If you would like to make any changes to the amount, term or interest rate do not just change the form below, please contact us first. Changes to your loanstock may mean it is no longer financially viable for us to take up your offer. In that case, we may return your payment straight away. Email us at to discuss any changes you would like to make.

Transfer the money

Our bank details are as follows:
Bank: Bank of Scotland
Account Name: Locavore Bigger Plan
Account #: 12372568
Sort code: 80-22-60

Please use the reference provided in your email to help us match your payment.

Make sure the bank details you are using are correct as it may not be possible to get your money back if you send it to the wrong account.

Your banking app may ask you to confirm that your payment is for the business “Locavore Community Interest Company”. This is correct.

Fill out the form below

Please give us your full name, address and bank details and double check that all other details are correct. You will receive an email confirmation when you submit the form.

Confirmation & issuing the loanstock

We will confirm receipt of payment and issue loanstocks separately as this is a manual process. At latest, we will process all payments at the end of each month though you may hear from us sooner than that. If you have any concerns you can always get in touch at