Bring on the Food Revolution

The world is facing an immediate climate crisis, and we are beyond the stage of tinkering at the edges – we need brave, bold actions to tackle it head-on, and everyone has a role to play.  The food system, one of the major drivers for this climate crisis,  is stacked to support multinationals which exist…

Veg Box Newsletter 23th January: Citrus

It is of enormous comfort that mid-winter is the best season for citrus fruit. Right when we need it most, sweet clementines and oranges, sharp, fragrant lemons and bitter, complex Sevilles are at their best.

Veg Box Newsletter 16th January: New Year, Newsletter

Eating vegetables is one of life’s principle pleasures, and as January is so often a month for asceticism, austerity, and self-punishment, perhaps now is a good time to remind ourselves that eating seasonal, organic, locally-grown veg is delicious and a lot of fun

Christmas 2022 Veg Boxes: What You Need to Know!

It’s time to start planning for the busiest few weeks of the year, so here’s the info you need to know about how your veg box deliveries will work over Christmas. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all. We are delivering in the week running up to Christmas, and…

Save Locavore – Crowdfunder

Locavore is in trouble and we really need your help so that we can continue to take forward our work to build a food system that’s better for people and planet. We’ve had a difficult year following fast expansion which saw us open new shops in Garnethill, Kirkintilloch and Edinburgh as well as buy new…