Local Organic Catering

Our catering is unique in that it lets you put tasty, sustainable, organic and local food made by a social enterprise at the centre of your event.

Our food is 100% organic with local sourcing at it’s heart. We use local seasonal fresh produce and our grains and pulses are grown in Scotland or the UK. As an organic grower we produce lots of fresh veggies ourselves such as salads, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs and greens depending on the time of year. Our team of brilliant chefs make the most of this.

We can adapt the menu to to meet your needs and it goes without saying that there will be changes in availability of some options depending on the season.

To order or inquire, please get in touch with our Kitchen Manager Stuart by using the form at the bottom of this page.

Please note all catering is subject to VAT therefore a 20% charge will be added to all advertised prices below.


Minimum order of 15 required

£8.50/person Grazing plate:

  • Locavore hummus, Seasonal greens and seed pesto, Freedom sourdough bread, seedy Dukkah & Crunchy Crudites (N, C, SS)

£10/person (Light lunch / Business lunch):

  • Slice of seasonal vegetable and cheddar Frittata or small vegan sausage roll
  • Seasonal side salad
  • Mini Sandwich using Freedom Bakery baguette with choice of filling (+£0.50 for meat option)
  • Chocolate & chilli snickerdoodle cookie


Curate your own catering by choosing what you fancy from the below.


  • Locavore Hummus- £3.70/280g tub (SS) or £12/kg
  • Kale & seed pesto – £3.50/180g tub (S,C) or £18/kg
  • Sliced Freedom white sourdough bread w £6.50/loaf (10-12 full slices)
  • Bite size Frittata with seasonal veg topped with cheddar £0.75 (E, Mi)
  • Bitesize sausage rolls – Vegan Lorne(C, S, N)- 95p each / Peelham Farm beef, pork & caramelized onion £1 each (C, S, N, E)

Soup– £25 per 4L tub (10 portions)- Please note we can only deliver soup cold

  • Creamy Carrot (CL)
  • Marrowfat pea and fresh herb (CL)
  • Celeriac & wholegrain mustard (CL, M)
  • Smokey pumpkin & paprika (CL)
  • Classic Leek and Potato (CL)

(Electric soup urns available for rent at £5 each. Urns will keep your soup hot but will require heating prior to using )

Salads – £38 per 4 Litre tub (20 scoops/side servings) or £3.95 per 2 scoop compostable tub (minimum order of 10)

  • UK pasta pesto with roast seasonal vegetables (C)
  • Kale Caesar salad with garlic croutons & spiced roasted Carlin peas (S, M, C)
  • Super sprout and seed salad with a fresh herb, citrus & ginger dressing (CL, SS)
  • Tangy Root veg, cabbage & toasted seed slaw (SS, CL, S)
  • North Berwick Potato salad with kale (S, M, CL)
  • Toasted UK rye, herb roasted beetroot, & carrot, pickled onion ( C )
  • Indian Spiced cauliflower, tomato and badger pea salad (M)

Baguettes – Minimum of 10 sandwiches per filling (20 minimum if mini)

Vegetarian options – £4.50 for 1/2 a baguette or £3.00 for 1/3 baguette

Meat options – £5.50/£3.35

  • Scotstoun Farm Egg mayo, pesto, leaves (C, E, M, S)
  • Roasted seasonal vegetables, green pesto, leaves (C, M)
  • Moroccan spiced Carrot ribbons, Locavore hummus, leaves (C,M,SS)
  • Seitan Shawarma with slaw & carrot tzadziki (C, S)
  • Peelham Farm sausage Stroganoff with mushroom & leek

Sausage rolls

  • Pork, beef & caramelized onion £4.10/ bite size- £1.00 (C, E, S, N)
  • Vegan Lorne sausage with Scottish oats and spices – £3.85/ bitesize £0.95 (C, S, N)

Frittata – with seasonal veg topped with cheddar £4.65/ bitesize £0.80 (E, Mi)


Cookies– £1.50 each

  • Classic choc chip (C, S)
  • Anzac – oat (C, N)
  • Chocolate & chilli snickerdoodle (C, N, S)

Fig & dark chocolate brownie – £3.25 (C, E, Mi, N)

Vegan Brownie with peanut butter or tahini – £3.25 (C, S, P/SS)

Cupcakes – £3.50 each (C, N, S)

  • Sticky toffee
  • Lemon and poppyseed
  • Vanilla & choc chip
  • Pumpkin spiced

Fresh fruit available on request


We can offer tea and coffee provision for £2.75 per person. This includes rental of hot water flasks, sugar/milk/non-dairy milk and we have a fresh coffee filter machine that we can lend and uses our own Locavore blend of Dear Green coffee.


– Whole Earth Organic Cans- Ginger/Cola/Apple/Lemonade/Elderflower

– Organic Coconut water

– Karma Lemony lemonade/ Ginger ale/Cola/Sugar free cola/Raspberry lemonade/Orangeade

– Equinox Kombucha- Original/wild berry/Raspberry elderflower

– Lo Bro’s Kombucha- – Ginger and Lemon/ Ginger beer/ rhubarb and apple/ Lemon and lime bitters

– James White carrot and apple/ Apple/ Pear

– Luscombe hot ginger beer –

– Lime Lemonaid/ ginger Lemonaid/ Blood orange Lemonaid/ Passionfruit and lemon Lemonaid –

– ChariTea- Red Rooibos and passionfruit/ Black tea and lemon/ Green tea and ginger


  • Most foods can be sent in reusable tupperware which will require collecting for a charge of £10 or we can individually package items in Vegware, a plant-based packaging which can be commercially composted but not heated.
  • Plates/2 pieces of cutlery/napkins/cups can be supplies at a cost of £1 per person
  • Rectangular ceramic dishes available for rent for £3 per dish
  • Electric soup urns available for rent at £5 each. Urns will keep your soup hot but will require heating prior to using
  • Delivery – Delivery is charged at £20 per delivery and there is a £10 charge for pick up of any containers or rented equipment. No delivery available on Sundays sorry!
  • All food is supplied cold
  • Cold water dispenser for hire £5 per 8L glass dispenser (1 available for hire)
  • We politely ask that all hired equipment is cleaned prior to returning/collection. Thank you!

Allergen key

C – Cereal (gluten)

CL – Celery

Mi – Milk

N – Nuts

P – Peanuts

S – Soya

SS- sesame

M – mustard

E- Egg

F- Fish

Cr – Crustateans

L- Lupin

Mo- Molluscs

SD – Sulphur dioxide