Cafe & Deli Supervisor – Locavore Govanhill

The Locavore Cafe & Deli is a 100% organic cafe within Locavore Govanhill which focuses on simple, but wholesome food, hot drinks and cakes.

As the Cafe Supervisor you’ll hold responsibility for maintaining and upholding standards to make our cafe a clean, welcoming and relaxed environment for our customers. You will make sure orders are placed and be in communication with our on-site kitchen.

Working within a small cafe you’ll spend much of your time on shift alone in the cafe area so communication across shifts is important.

You will be responsible for supporting the rest of the team and ongoing training and supervision of the very small front of house team. You may also work with our Kitchen Manager and Branch Manager to further develop our food offer.

The ideal applicant will have loads of front of house experience which includes plating up food, making coffees and providing brilliant customer service.

Full details are here.

Use the form below to apply by the deadline at 8am on Friday the 28th of October.