Bellahouston Nursery

Located within Bellahouston Park in Glasgow, Bellahouston Nursery is an ex-council site which we have been using since around 2019, gaining a lease in 2022. Although in somewhat of a state of disrepair when we moved in, the site has a large greenhouse and an array of polytunnels, and its overgrown state meant it was full of bees and butterflies. After a lot of work, it’s now a useful growing site (and still full of pollinators), and is accredited by the Soil Association. This is where Locavore Flowers grow their gorgeous bee-friendly organic bouquets. We’re also growing lots of veg at Bella, with the first tomato crop, in 2021, being larger and even tastier than expected. Look out for more veg from here in your veg boxes and in our shops over the next few years.