Our Impact

Our mission is to change the world – since Locavore started in 2011 we have set out to build a better, more sustainable alternative to the current food system, one which works in favour of people and communities rather than multinational corporations.  We grow and sell organic produce, with a minimum of packaging, pay everyone a proper wage, and work with businesses that share our values. 

From the very start, we have had considerations about our impact at the heart of everything we do, from the choices we make about the produce in our veg boxes through to the ways we reduce the waste that is generated.

Despite this we never previously had the capacity to properly measure or monitor the impact we have, nor the progress we are making towards our aims, in any great detail. Thanks to a grant from the Real Farming Trust we launched an impact assessment project in January 2020 which established systems to collect existing data, as well as working with customers, staff and suppliers through the use of surveys and interviews, to find out more about our social, economic and environmental impacts. 

In this section you can find more about the work already undertaken as part of this project, as well as how we are using the findings to continue to understand and improve our impact and our role in the communities we serve, which in turn informs our participation in networks such as the Scottish Food Coalition and our contributions to consultations such as the development of the Glasgow City Food plan and the draft Good Food Nation (Scotland) Bill. In 2021 we produced our Manifesto Asks for the consideration of all candidates in the Scottish Parliamentary Elections, and we will continue to use our experiences and research to take part in these conversations.