Big Plan

On Tuesday the 3rd of November 2015 we launched Locavore’s Big Plan.

Locavore’s Big Plan sets out our ambition to scale up what we do to launch a large social enterprise grocery store which offers a viable alternative to supermarkets. We want our new store to be the sort of place most people can do most of their grocery shopping so that we can increase our market share and use it to shape a food system which is better for society and our environment.

Instead of food profits going to big corporations and their shareholders we want your food spending to work harder for society. That means investing in local growers, paying fair wages (we’re a living wage employer) and developing other initiatives which help build a fairer and more sustainable society.

How you can help:

  • Read Locavore’s Big Plan and tell everyone about it!
  • Think about investing in our Big Plan through our Loan Stock offer.
  • Tell everyone you know about our Big Idea again, and share it on social media!