The Croft

The Croft is half an acre of mixed vegetable production which we use both as a productive market garden and as a site from which to give people experience of small scale organic horticulture through our Grow the Growers project.

We took on the site in 2013 under a rental agreement with Queens Park Bowling and Tennis Club. The site was formally their tennis courts, which had become overgrow. After initial set up works in the first two years we now have 20 raised beds at 1.2m x 20m.

Half of these are used as a productive market garden with the remainder used as starter plots for our Grow the Growers project. This site is open to the public weekly to offer volunteering and informal training opportunities to local people.

In addition to the above we also rent out part of the site to local charity South Seeds who let out small raised beds to people who want to try out growing for the first time.

In 2014 we raised pigs on the city site which raised a few eyebrows to put it mildly….


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