Veg Box Newsletter 1st August: Munch of the Month

Much like a picnic in a box, bento can offer a variety of flavours and textures to keep you interested, and because they are made up of a range of elements they’re a great home for leftovers that might not otherwise stretch to being a whole other meal

Veg Box Newsletter 25th July: Romanesco Cauliflower

I love looking at romanescos so much it can be hard to bring myself to cut into them. They’re so beautiful in a sculptural, alien sort of way, like a vegetable from another planet. But I always do manage to get over their beauty and to cook with them, and that’s because I know that they taste even better than they look.

Veg Box Newsletter 18th July: Eating From the Fridge

There’s nothing worse than a sweaty evening with the oven blasting, so let’s all agree to figure out in advance some nice, cold meals that either don’t need any cooking at all or that can be cooked in advance and enjoyed straight out of the fridge.

Veg Box Newsletter 11th July: Freezing Veg

A well-stocked freezer is a wonderful thing, whether you need chips to make kale and an egg into a satisfying meal, or kale to make egg and chips into one that has a vegetable element.

Veg Box Newsletter 4th July: Ice Cream

Ice-cream concentrates flavours, lets them sing every note of their unique song, so that it becomes possible to appreciate every aspect of an ingredient we might otherwise think of as incidental