Veg Box Newsletter 21st March: Potatoes

We may imagine potatoes as being an old fashioned homely sort of vegetable, and get bored of them, but they have taken root everywhere they have travelled to, and found a welcoming home in all the pots and pans of the earth.

Veg Box Newsletter 14th March: Early Spring Blooms

Here’s a little splendid thing for you: the scant sunshine of this early-early-Springtime, when Spring is less a reality than it is a collective hope, has been transformed by the work of gentle hands into flowers. Glowing yellow, the daffodils promise brighter days to come

Veg Box Newsletter 28th February: Bread and Roses

Bread is the default foodstuff, the stand-in for life and sustenance in poetry, religious text, and political slogan; we don’t really know who we are without it, and the history of our bread is the history of who we are. 

Seared Cauliflower with Anchovies

We have some delicious cauliflowers in Standard, large and extra large boxes this week. Personally I love cauli its one of my favourite veg. Its super versatile and depending on how you cook it will have a range of flavours and textures. This recipe is from the David Tanis book “Market Cooking”. I think this…

Aubergine with Sweet Miso Sauce

In my house we eat a lot of miso. It’s a great ingredient to have in your cupboard for adding a flavour kick to almost anything, not just Japanese dishes. Miso is a fermented paste made from some sort of grain or pulse. There are many types and the taste ranges from salty/sweet to intense…