Veg Box Newsletter 13th June: Picnic

today, the newsletter is an optimistic daydream with some menu suggestions. But perhaps next weekend it will transform, as if by magic, into a giant gingham blanket lain on plush soft grass. And we will all be able to take a seat and help ourselves to a grand array of treats, served from the clingfilm-(or beeswax cloth)-covered bowls, the old takeaway containers and ice-cream tubs, thermoses, and the paper packages that are arranged upon it. 

Veg Box Newsletter 6th June: Herbs

Herbs are sort of hard to define, even limiting ourselves to the culinary world: they’re any plant we cook with more for flavour than as a central ingredient; and then generally we’re talking leafy above-ground plants, with roots like ginger being, uh, something else- aromatics, maybe?

Veg Box Newsletter 23rd May: Growing a Better Food System

Our growing sites are alive with flowers, insects and birds in a way you just don’t see on a conventional farm. It takes a lot of skill and patience but we believe it’s worth it both in the taste of the produce and the protection of our environment.

Vegbox Focaccia Recipe

This is the recipe from our April Munch of the Month Winner. We loved the way Joanna used the veg to decorate the focaccia it’s so mouthwatering! We had loads of great entries for April, check out our social media for the others and thanks to everyone who entered you inspired the team and our…