Veg Boxes: the way we charge you is changing

I am happy to let you know about some exciting changes coming to veg boxes. We have been working on implementing a new IT system over the last few months and are almost ready to go live.

What this means for you is that you will have more control of your veg box orders and will have an online account which you can log into to add your holidays, check your bill or pick up some extra groceries. Initially we are going to run the system behind the scenes, but all being well you will be able to manage your own account soon. We’ll be in touch again with more information about how it works once we’re ready for you to log in.

We will try to keep as many things the same as we currently do them to keep it simple. For example the deadline for order changes will remain the same, 9am Monday morning. We will offer the same products, subscriptions and add ons.

Notification of changes to charging

We do need to change the way we charge you. Instead of charging for your veg box each month we will be charging each week. The charges will be in arrears so you will be charged each Tuesday for the items you received the week before. You will receive an email notification just like you do now.

The weekly charging will take place from the end of October. This means your October invoice will be the last monthly one & the first weekly charge will take place on 9th November assuming you had a box the previous week.

Big IT changes are always challenging, but we will be working very hard to make this as seamless as possible. Please keep in contact through the email if you have any questions or feedback.

Thanks for supporting Locavore!