What is it?

Mooli is a long, typically white, radish also known as ‘daikon’, which translates from Japanese to ‘big root’. It’s native to Asia, where both the roots and the leaves are eaten. Mooli is a useful crop, as well as a vegetable, as it can be left in the ground over winter to prevent the soil from compacting in cold temperatures.


What to do with it?

As you might expect from a radish, mooli is a peppery root, great either raw or cooked. Try chopping it finely and making a salad, or more simply, grate it and stir in a bit of sesame oil to make a side dish or garnish. If pickles are your thing, a pickled mix carrot and mooli is a lovely addition to a bao bun. Alternatively, mooli adds a tasty crunch to a stir fry.


When is it in season?

In the UK, it’s in season in the winter months.