Squash – summer

What are they?

Native to Mexico and Central America, squash are part of the curcubitaceae family, which includes pumpkins, courgette, cucumbers and melons. Unlike their winter counterparts, summer squash have a thinner edible skin which means they don’t store well. Summer squashes include courgette, patty pan or custard squash.


What to do with them?

As their flavour is mild, with a creamy texture, they are a versatile veg. Cooking them simply will preserve their delicate flavour – steaming or sauteeing is ideal for this. If you’re wanting something more flavoursome, try slicing and baking them, with a topping of hard cheese.  Roasting them adds an extra dimension to the flavour, especially in this warm salad of charred squash. Or try pickling them!

Keep the seeds – you can dry roast with salt and paprika for a salty snack.


When are they in season?

Late summer, going into autumn