Wild Garlic

What is it?

Wild garlic is a wild, native, leafy green which grows in damp foods around the country. it’s also known as ramsons or wood garlic.

It’s in the allium family along with onions, garlic and leeks and although being really garlicky in taste it doesn’t grow like garlic or resemble it in any other way.

What to do with it?

The leaves of garlic pop up from late winter as the days begin to lengthen and grow on till mid summer by which time they have flowered, set seed and will begin to die back. All parts of the plant are edible but the leaves along with the gorgeous white flowers and seed pods are most popular.

It can be used as a powerful salad, cooked into a soup, fried up with mushrooms and served on toast, or made into a delicious pesto.

When is it in season?

February – May