Winter Squash


What is it?

Winter squash comes in many beautiful forms, in warm shades with truly amazing patterns. Unlike summer counterpart, which tends to be more tender and isn’t so suitable for storing throughout the colder months, winter squash is characterised by having a tougher skin and mature seeds.



What to do with it?

Try your winter squash in a warm, comforting stew or roasting it with maple syrup. Use in place of potato in gnocchi with a buttery sage sauce. Squash fritters dunked in ricotta and lemon honey would brighten up any winter evening!

Dry roast the seeds in a little salt and smoked paprika, and use as a garnish on soup or as a peppery little snack.

The sweet flesh lends itself well to desserts, try these cupcakes or these wee pumpkin pies, which save on the washing up by using the squash itself as the vessel!


When is it in season?