Help Needed – Could you be a Locavore Luminary?

Help Needed – Could you be a Locavore Luminary?

We have ambitious plans to scale up what we do and need your help. We want to take on a much larger premiss and launch a social enterprise supermarket which can compete against multinational retailers for a larger proportion of weekly grocery spend, for a larger proportion of people.

To do this we need the help of specialist experts, people who eat food, people who buy food, people like you!

We are seeking ideas, opinions and feedback on our plans as they develop. As a Locavore Luminary you will help direct us by sharing your thoughts, ideas, shopping habits and opinions.

We want a mix of people to become Locavore Luminaries; existing customers, people who have never heard of us, people who care about food, people who don’t, vegan activists, crazed carnivores, young people, old people and normal people just like you.

As a Locavore Luminary you will:

  • Join us for occasional working groups around particular issues. For example – Helping us choose what to sell and when to open.

  • Give feedback by email on proposals, questions and ideas we want to sound out and complete occasional online questionnaires.

  • Share with us info on what you buy from week to week either through a food diary or shopping receipts.

  • Give feedback on samples of new products we are considering stocking.

What you get:

As a Locavore Luminary you will get 10% of all your shopping with us and free samples of foods and goods to give your feedback on. We’ll also give you a free Locavore bag and badge (once made..) and the satisfaction of helping make something great happen.

How to join:

To register interest fill out this form: