Veg Box Newsletter 28/10/16

Hello Folks,

We’ve got our usual staples of potatoes, carrots and onions from Chapel Farm in all of the veg boxes this week.

Left Field market garden has supplied us with runner beans, fennel and salad for the small veg boxes. The fennel is an ideal size for shredding finely, and mixing through a salad.

The standard veg boxes have the staples as well as cavolo nero, leeks and savoy cabbage from Chapel Farm. There’s also turnip greens for Neilston – they make a great addition to a stir fry when cooked quickly, or work well in place of spinach in saag aloo. Keeping with the time of year, there’s also a pumpkin from Royal Oak – scoop out the flesh for a soup or pumpkin pie.

The large and extra large veg boxes contain the same as the standard, with the additions of kohl rabi, cucumber and chard from Left Field. The extra large boxes also contain bunches of turnips and beetroot as well as fennel from Left Field.

In the fruit bags this week, we’ve got the following:
#1 Red Devil apples
#2 Louise Bonne of Jersey pears
#3 Bananas
#4 Clementines

The additional bags of veg from further afield this week include pak choi, sweet potato and scorzonia. Scorzonia is a root vegetable – to prepare, peel off the skin and either roast or steam them. They’re also great when grated and made into a fritter, or finely sliced with miso soup.

Enjoy your veg!