We’re hiring!

We’re looking for a new driver to join our veg box delivery team. The ideal candidate will be available for delivering every Friday and have a van. We pay the Living Wage as well as a mileage allowance. If you’d like to join our team, email us at subscribers@glasgowlocavore.org.


  1. Tilly Alexander Hallworth says:


    I popped into Locavore this morning and after enquiring for work as I do regularly I was informed of a 7-hour position in the office on Cathcart Road, but on visiting the website I can only see a vacancy for a driver. Perhaps I’ve jumped the gun too early, as the person behind the counter, Vivien, said the job had only just been announced. I’ll keep checking, but please could you let me know more details if that’s appropriate as I’d be very interested in applying.


    1. Reuben says:

      Hi Tilly,

      All our open posts are here:

      Right now we’re only looking for a Good Food Fund coordinator.



  2. Matthew OLeary says:

    Hi , I enquire about vacancy for position in me store west end Dumbarton Road . Is it possible to still apply and if so is there a direct link or advertised position on social media(Facebook). If , you are in a position to help me I would be very grateful . I look forward to hearing from you .

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