Grow the Growers 2017

Hi everyone,

One of our key aims here at Locavore is to build a better local food network. One way we’ve been working on making this a reality is by helping people get starting growing vegetables for profit through our Grow the Growers programme at the Croft.

We’re pleased to let you know that we are now recruiting for this year’s group for the Grow the Growers Programme.

Every new grower gets their own 25 m² plot at the Croft that is their sole responsibility to look after for the growing season. The crops you grow in your plot are decided in discussion with us to make sure we’ll be able to sell the produce and we have useful amounts of it. Most of your produce will go into our veg boxes and reach a pretty good number of households in Greater Glasgow.

We meet for weekly gardening session where we look after the communally tended plots at the Croft and you have some time to work on your own plots.

We also meet once a month for a Saturday session at our other growing sites (Left Field, Rouken Glen) so you can experience some larger-scale production and techniques and equipment relevant to that scale. We’ll go through all the steps from planning and bed preparation through sowing to harvesting and packing and selling together.

You will additionally be able to sell what you grow on your own plot to us you you can earn a little while you learn.

We want to provide a stepping stone for new growers so really want to help those in particular who want to forge ahead independently after the programme to become growers.

We are looking for 9 participants with a strong interest in making organic food production into a livelihood. We don’t have entry requirements as such but ideally you should have been gardening enough to know it’s not just a passing fancy… You should be available for a weekly evening session (about two hours) and occasional Saturdays. We will set the times depending on the participants’ availability so these are not fixed yet.

Submissions are now closed.