Veg Box Newsletter 16/6/17

Morning Folks,

Over at Neilston this week, we’ve been mostly:

  • Finishing off our outdoor courgette beds and planting out
  • Hanging strings from our polytunnel to support our cucumbers
  • Trying out different pruning techniques for our pepper and chilli plants

We still have lots of work to do catching up with our planting schedule but it’s nice to stop a brief moment and admire the progress of many of our crops. Great to get our first small courgette harvest this week. Tomatoes shouldn’t be far behind with lots of green fruit just waiting for some sustained sunshine to ripen them. We also have lots of flowers on our French and broad bean plants, hopefully lots of beans will follow.

We’re stretching the definition of the ‘foreign’ veg bags at the moment, as we’re starting to see an abundance of exciting new season produce from the UK. The carrots and coriander in the small and standard respectively are from our very own Left Field. Throughout the season, we’re going to be reserving the slightly more expensive UK grown produce for the additional ‘foreign’ veg bags that wouldn’t make in the veg boxes otherwise due to their price, and will return to using veg from further afield later in the year.

The Open Food Network is now open for orders to be delivered with next weeks boxes.

Our summer edition of Munch of the Month is now under way, with entries open until Monday 24th of July – remember to tag your posts with #locavoremm and #locavorevegbox to be in for a chance of winning. To those of you who have recently subscribed, if you haven’t already, join us and your fellow subscribers over in our Facebook group, where you can share your veg box creations and recipe suggestions.

In the veg boxes today:

small: potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes, salad

standard: potatoes, bunch of onions, cucumber, tomatoes, broad beans, salad, parsley

large: potatoes, bunch of onions, artichoke OR asparagus, cucumber, tomatoes, broad beans, chestnut mushrooms, rainbow chard and salad

extra large: potatoes, bunch of onions, courgettes, cucumber, tomatoes, broad beans, chestnut mushrooms, cavolo nero, rainbow chard, spinach, salad

fruit #1: cherries

fruit #2: apricots OR oranges

fruit #3: blueberries

fruit #4: Spartain apples

fruit #5: nectarines

small foreign: bunch of carrots, avocado, red pepper,

standard foreign: coriander, avocado, celery, red pepper


The Locavore Team