Veg Box Newsletter 21/07/17

Afternoon Folks,

In our greenhouse at Rouken Glen our tomatoes have been ripening in dribs and drabs in recent weeks – but after a few days glorious sunshine we’re starting to see a lot more red (and yellow in our “golden queen” and “yellow submarine” varieties) across all of our different tomato types. Similarly our cucumbers have really taken off producing plenty of fruit while they continue to climb up towards the ceiling of our polytunnel. These two crops keep us busy pruning back the vigorous growth to encourage increased fruit production, but the harvest is well worth the effort.

This is the last weekend of the summer edition of Munch of the Month – get your entries in by uploading a photo of your veg box creation to social media with the tags #locavorevegbox and #locavoremm. The winner will receive a hamper of delicious ethical goods from our shop.

Check out the veggiepedia, where you’ll find recipe suggestions for courgettes, fennel and kale. If you’re new subscriber, come and join us and your fellow subscribers in this facebook group.

As it’s the third Friday of the month, we’re delivering boxes of cupboard staples. There are three sizes to choose from (small £10; standard £15; large £20), and all contain a selection of pasta, pulses and grains.

In the boxes this week:

small: potatoes, carrots, fennel, garlic, sutherland kale

standard: potatoes, carrots, cucumber OR courgette OR french beans, fennel, garlic, purple mange tout, cavolo nero, salad

large: potatoes, carrots AND/OR courgettes, onions, kohl rabi, fennel, garlic, purple mange tout, french beans, cavolo nero, salad

extra large: potatoes, bunched carrots, onions, courgette, kohl rabi, fennel, garlic, baby plum tomatoes, mange tout, french beans, cavolo nero, chard, salad

fruit #1: redcurrants

fruit #2: gooseberries

fruit #3: blackcurrants

fruit #4: cherries

fruit #5: apricots

small foreign: thai basil, lettuce, peas

standard foreign: thai basil, lettuce, peas, tomatoes

The Open Food Network is now open for orders to be delivered next week. New to the range we have blue corn tortilla chips, vegan bouillon and tree spinach from The Croft.


The Locavore Team