10 Reasons to get a Locavore Veg Box

1) Get the freshest produce delivered to your door.

We harvest all our produce to order so it reaches you really, really fresh. Fresh food tastes better, is more nutritious and keeps for longer too. We also deliver right to your door so you don’t need to bother shopping for inferior produce and carting it home. You don’t even need to be home when we deliver.

2) Try new things.

Live a little and try new things. Getting a veg box means you eat with the seasons so through the year you will get to try loads of things you might not usually buy, or even be able to source elsewhere. We grow and source lots of pretty unique tasties through the year including squash which will blow your mind, crazy rainbow carrots, heirloom tomatoes, and heritage kale that was rediscovered in the garden of an elderly lady on the north coast of Scotland.

3) Join a community & a movement

So you’ll try loads of new things but you wont be alone. You’ll get our weekly veg box newsletter, access to our Veggiepedia and an invite to join our veg box group where fellow veg boxers share creations and recipe ideas. You can also take part in our Munch of the Month competition or browse the archives for inspiration.

Each year we also ask for your feedback and ideas so we can grow even more of the produce you want each year. You’ll get invites to our farm open days as well.

4) It’s great value for money

We think our local organic veg boxes offer better value for money than those offered by anyone else in the region. Our prices start lower than anyone else and we only use locally grown seasonal produce which means better value.

5) We think everything through for you. EVERYTHING!

We think really carefully each week about what goes into our boxes so it gives you a really good mix of local, seasonal, organic produce which is at its best. This means the produce naturally goes together to make great dishes.

We also think really carefully about all the issues associated with food and sustainability so everything is as good as it can be. It’s all part of us being a social enterprise dedicated to sustainable food..

6) Support Social Enterprise.

We’re a social enterprise and Community Interest Company signed up to The Code. That means we are not for private profit. We exist to make food more sustainable and valuable for society while at the same time being open and honest about it. We see food as a vehicle for social good so want everything associated with our growing, buying and selling to do as much good as possible. We’ve got no shareholders or owners and all our money is put back into or mission. We also do nice stuff like train New Growers and feed those in desperate need through our Good Food Fund, which you can make a donation to as part of your subscription.

7) Reduce food miles.

We grow vegetables at three sites within 10 miles of Glasgow meaning it hardly travels to reach your plate. We also buy from other local organic growers (see below) and never source produce for our normal veg boxes from outside the UK, unlike every other box scheme that serves the region. Reducing food miles reduces CO2 emissions from transport and refrigeration so is better for the environment.

8) Support the Local Economy

Spending money locally makes it go further in the local economy. Your veg box subscription supports employment of our team of growers, packers and drivers as well as our New Grower and other local organic growers. If you spend £1 at a supermarket about 5p of that stays local. If you spend £1 with us we spend about 75p of it locally.

9) Support Organic farming

We’re dedicated to organic as we believe its better for all sorts of reasons including protection of the local and global environment. All of our land is in certification to organic with the Soil Association and we only buy produce from other farms who are organic, or working towards it. Organic agriculture has all sorts of benefits from helping to lock carbon in the soil, to creating healthier habitats and a more sustainable food system that doesn’t require artificial inputs.

10) Support the Real Living Wage

We pay the real Living Wage, set by the Living Wage Foundation. Agricultural wages are generally pretty poor, seasonal pickers should be paid the ‘Agricultural Minimum Wage’ of £6.21, 99p below the ‘National Living Wage’. Cash in had work at a rate below this is thought pretty common along with poor working conditions. Why agricultural is singled out as exempt from the minimum wage is beyond us.. the situation abroad where much of the food you might buy in supermarkets comes from can be much worse.

Everyone who works for Locavore earns at least the Living Wage of £8.45/h. Though nobody gets much more than that.

And you’ll get 25% off your first month! Just write ‘10 reasons discount’ in the final box when you sign up here.