Veg Box Newsletter 15/09/17

Morning Folks,

That’s it for salad from Left Field for a little while now. There’ll be a break as we transition to hardier crops that will survive through the winter. We’re sowing a lot of spinach, chard, land cress and other hardy greens which should give us crops throughout the winter.

Also our Rouken Glen tomatoes are almost over for the year. With colder nights we’re not seeing as many ripening up so are starting to pick some of the green ones – they can be a real treat when cooked well – lovely in a chutney, or sliced and fried in batter like they do in the American South.

In other news, this week we had our first Chapel Farm delivery of the season! Chapel Farm is located near North Berwick and they provide us with some of our staples for the veg boxes including their wonderful tatties, onions, carrots, kohl rabi, cabbage, leeks and more.

Additionally, this week we began delivering vegetables to the kitchens of primary schools across East Renfrewshire. Each of the 21 primary schools will get a mixed box of produce every week which will be used to provide crudités (finger food) for children to help themselves to at lunch time.

We’re delivering pasta, pulse and grain boxes with today’s veg boxes as it’s the third Friday of the month. There are 3 sizes: small £10, standard £15 and large £20. If you’d like to add a pulse box to your subscription, just drop us an email at

Keep posting your veg box creations on social media with the tags #locavoremm and #locavorevegbox to be in for a chance of winning the Munch of the Month hamper.

The Open Food Network is now open for orders to be delivered with your veg box next week. You can order extra groceries, fruit, veg and flowers.

As promised, the standard, large and extra large veg boxes contain extra veg this week to making up the missing value of last week’s.

Don’t forget to check out our Veggiepedia for vegetable trivia and recipe ideas. For this week’s veg boxes, we have entries on: fennel, summer squash, kale, courgettes and tree spinach.

In the veg boxes this week:

small: potatoes, carrots, onions, sweetcorn, fennel, salad, garlic, chilli pepper

standard: potatoes, carrots, onions, harlequin squash, white cabbage, sweetcorn, fennel, cavolo nero, garlic, chilli pepper

large: potatoes, carrots, onions, blue ballet squash, white cabbage, sweetcorn, fennel, cavolo nero, sutherland kale, garlic, chilli pepper

extra large: potatoes, carrots, onions, blue ballet squash, white cabbage, sweetcorn, fennel, spring onions, cavolo nero, sutherland kale, tree spinach, garlic, pepper

fruit # 1: melon

fruit # 2: Williams pears

fruit # 3: Discovery apples

fruit # 4: grapes

fruit # 5: bananas

additional small foreign veg bag: courgettes, garlic, spring onions

additional standard foreign veg bag: celery, patty pan, green tomatoes (delicious fried!)


The Locavore Team