Bellahouston Community Asset Transfer Update!

Over the last few months we have been using Bellahouston more and more as part of our one year use agreement with the Council. This has included growing loads of potted herbs, drying our garlic in the polytunnels and letting other growers start using the site to grow veg, mushrooms and even keep bees. At the start of September we also moved our veg box packing and office to sheds on the site.

We now have some updates on the process of getting longer term use of the site through the Community Asset Transfer Request we submitted in the summer. It’s a little confusing…

First the good news:

Our Community Asset Transfer request was validated on Monday the 23rd of September! That means the council has formally acknowledged receipt of our application, confirms that our application adheres the relevant laws and that they have all the information they need to make a decision. They have till the 23rd of March to make a final decision on our application.

You can now view our Community Asset Transfer application on the Council’s website.

In line with the Community Empowerment Act, the Council confirmed that there are no competing interests in the land and that they are now prohibited from making it available to any party until a decision is made on our application.

Between now and the 21st of October any interested party can get in touch with the council to make a representation – for example if you have a competing interest in the site or any formal questions or concerns. You can either email or send a letter to:

Clare Malloy
Development & Regeneration Services
Glasgow City Council
231 George St
G1 1RX

If you decide to get in touch, please make sure to include your full name and your address.

Outside of this process, you can also always get in touch with us directly at

The confusing news:

We received an email from a different part of the Council who aim to change the Permission to Use Agreement (PTU) we currently have for the site. This is to reduce the area we have access to, in order to make available the space to another party. Whether this would have any bearing on our Community Asset Transfer application or how and if the change in our PTU would come into force is still unclear.

Our PTU agreement with the Council doesn’t have a clause for early termination or alteration. Furthermore, the validation of our Asset Transfer Request, as above, should mean that legally the Council cannot make the site available to anyone else before they make a decision on our Asset Transfer Request.

We are unhappy with the situation and are awaiting clarification from the Council.

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  1. Bill Kirkwood says:

    I’d like to add my support for this venture. The initiative makes good use of unused assets and promotes involvement with food production. I only use the Victoria road shop occasionally as I live some distance away, but will sign up for a veg box and bread when that becomes available again.

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