Veg Box Newsletter 24th August: Dappled Apples


Delivery Days are Changing

At Locavore, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact, so when we realised we could reduce the carbon footprint of our veg box deliveries by 20% while also improving our service, we jumped at the chance. We’re introducing new route management software, which will make our delivery runs far more efficient. This is great for the environment, and it’s also great for you as it’s the first step in our modernisation. 

What this all means in practice is that your delivery day may change. If it does, we will email you this week so please keep an eye on your inbox. 

The other thing you need to know is that the Online Veg Box Shop will be closed next week. You can still make orders for this week’s deliveries, so if you need to stock up on butter beans or handwash, now is your chance. The shop won’t open this Saturday as usual; instead, it will open again the following week. If your delivery day changes, you’ll need to select the new day when you make your order.

Collections folk, no worries- your collection day won’t change. 


I’m delighted to say that we now have a few more boxes of eggs coming in each week, so are able to take on a few more egg subscriptions- just email if you’d like half a dozen organic Scottish eggs with your veg box. Unfortunately, there’s still a shortage of cardboard egg packaging so it’s plastic boxes for a little while still- we really hope that will soon change. 

Going on Holiday?

As lockdown begins to ease, we know you might be planning some time away. If that’s the case be sure to send us an email to let us know which weeks you’d like to pause your veg box for. The deadline to do this is 9am on Monday the week of the holiday- we can’t guarantee pauses requested after that time. If you can let us know earlier, that’s even better, as the extra time lets us plan our harvests and veg buying better. So why not shoot us an email as soon as you’ve booked the train tickets? 

If you miss the deadline, we’re generally able to donate the contents of your box to our charity partners instead of delivering it; you’ll still be charged, however. 

Chilled Items for Collections

If you collect your veg box from our Victoria Road shop, please be sure to grab the chilled items from our fridge. There will be posters up in the shop to let you know what to look for, and you can always ask the staff in the shop to help if you’re having trouble finding something.

Covid-19 Updates

You can read about changes made to our service due to the pandemic here

In the Veg Boxes This Week

Subject to last minute changes

Check out storage guidance for helpful tips and tricks on how to prolong the life of your fresh produce. If you’re wondering where your veg comes from, have a look at these maps. You can also join your fellow subscribers over in the Facebook group for lots of tips, tricks, and recipe ideas!

To contact us, ring 0141 378 1672 or email us at

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The Nice Bit

This might be my favourite time of year. It’s summer, still, but the end of summer, when the hot stagnant days give way. The tenements glow in golden sunlight. When it rains, it is gentle and nourishing rain. We have plenty of greens from our farm, and root veg from elsewhere is also beginning to appear, so the boxes are at their most varied. And we have apples! The early apples from down south, as crisp as the breeze coming in through the window, as sweet as the sunshine. 

Apple varieties are a world unto themselves. Some of them are old and odd, others invented in a lab not long ago. This week, we have Scrumptious apples, which fall in the latter category. My favourite website,, says of Scrumptious: “In terms of flavour and instant snack-appeal, it sets a new standard amongst early apples”. As much as I enjoy reading apple reviews, I can’t pretend to be any kind of a connoisseur myself. To a certain extent, once you’re past green vs. red or cooking vs dessert, an apple is to me an apple. 

But when it comes to what you’re gonna do with those apples, my detached disinterest dissolves and I find myself undeniably invested. There’s certainly nothing wrong with eating an apple as is, or in slices with cheese, or stewed simply (until just collapsed, with a cinnamon stick, and served with just a little brown sugar on top). But oh, the possibilities go so far beyond that. 

If you’re going savoury, as I recommend you do, your best friends are pork, cheese, and apples. Apples and onions may be as different as chalk and cheese, but apples brings out the sweetness of onions and onions complement the apples’ complex (as will attest!) flavour profile. You can try a recipe I wrote up last January for sausages, squash, apples, and shallots, or perhaps you’d like to save it for when there are winter squash in the boxes. Nigel Slater suggests a savoury tart with shallots and apples for perfect late August dinner with a salad. There are cheesy apple latkes, beetroot and apple salads, and kohlrabi and apple gratins over here. Perhaps you’d like an appley coleslaw with your lunch, or a cauliflower and apple salad as the main event. 

If you’re thinking of dessert, of course there are crumbles and pies galore. There is tarte tatin for the adventurous. You could whip up a cobbler, some apple snow, or a bread and butter pudding. And then your main question will be: custard or ice-cream or whipped cream (coconut or dairy) on top? 


Florist Kim gathers flowers

Our flowers are Glasgow-grown, bee-friendly and gorgeous. Fill your home with the colours of summer! Subscribe to a small, medium, or large bouquet for a weekly treat, or use the Online Veg Box Shop to add them for special occasions- your half-birthday, a year since you got your pet mouse, the first day it doesn’t rain for a week, you saw a nice cat out your window. 

Good Food Fund

Thank you for your donations to the Good Food Fund, which partners with charities to support those vulnerable to food insecurity. You can donate via subscription, or on the Online Veg Box Shop. You can also choose to donate your veg box to the Good Food Fund when pausing it for a week or longer.