Christmas Veg Boxes: What You Need to Know

We’re getting ready for Christmas here at Locavore, and, whether or not you’re celebrating this year, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

We are delivering in the week leading up to Christmas, but you’ll get your delivery two days early. Collections will also be earlier, with Wednesday collections on Monday 21st and Friday collections on Wednesday 23rd.

If you usually get your box on a…you’ll get it on…
WednesdayMonday 21st December
ThursdayTuesday 22nd December
FridayWednesday 23rd December
SaturdayThursday 24th December

The deadline for order changes in this week is early. If you need to pause your delivery or collection in the week beginning 21st December, change the size of veg box you receive that week, or anything else, you need to let us know by phone or email by Sunday, 6th December. This is so we can get our produce orders in time so we get all the produce we need.

The veg boxes delivered in the week leading up to Christmas will be their usual size- so if you usually get a standard veg box, you’ll still get a standard veg box. If you need extra veg for Christmas, or to last you through our week off, you can move up a veg box size for the week- just let us know by the 6th. We’ve got a preview of the veg box contents below to help you plan.

We’re then taking a week off, so there will be no deliveries in the week beginning 28th December. We’ll be back as usual in the week beginning 4th January 2021.

If you receive a fortnightly delivery on a fortnightly 2 schedule, please note that you’ll miss a delivery as it would usually fall in the week we’re closed. If you’d like to receive it a week early, please email us by 6th December. If you’re not sure what delivery schedule you’re on please email us to check and we can let you know.

The Online Veg Box Shop will also open and close earlier for deliveries in the week beginning 21st December. You’ll be able to place your orders for mince pies and puddings (or black beans and yogurt) from Wednesday 16th December and you’ll need to have them in by 19th December. Be sure to select the day your box will be delivered on in the dropdown menu, not the day it usually arrives.

Locavore also offers a Christmas range – trees, handmade wreaths, roasting joints, goodies from our kitchen, and more. These can’t be delivered alongside your veg box. The trees can be delivered separately, and all other items are collection-only. You can find out more and see what’s available here.

Dates to Remember

6th DecemberOrder change deadline for the week beginning 21st- email us to change veg box size, pause, or anything else taking effect that week.
16th DecemberVeg Box Online Shop opens for deliveries in the week beginning the 21st
19th DecemberVeg Box Online Shop closes for deliveries in the week beginning 21st
Week beginning 21st DecemberYour veg box delivery will arrive (or be ready for collection) 2 days earlier than usual
Week beginning 28th DecemberThe veg box department is closed. No veg boxes this week.
Week beginning 4th JanuaryWe’re back! Veg boxes resume as usual.

Veg Box Contents

These are the approximate contents to help you plan your Christmas week. Our contents lists are always subject to change, and this is doubly true for these, as we aren’t yet certain on availability, but this is what we expect the veg boxes in the week leading up to Christmas to look like. We’ve included weights and amounts, but these are approximate and only give an indication of what we expect to include. We will publish an updated list closer to the time.

Small Veg

Brussels Sprouts500g

Standard Veg

Brussels Sprouts500g
Red Cabbage1

Large Veg

Brussels Sprouts500g
Brussels Sprouts Stalk1
Red Cabbage1

XL Veg

Brussels Sprouts1kg
Brussels Sprouts Stalk1
Red Cabbage1

Small Fruit Bag


Medium Fruit Bag


Large Fruit


XL Fruit



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    We would like to have a large veg box in the Xmas week. We would like to order a wreath for delivery in December. Many thanks R McLean.

  2. Robert McLean says:

    Thanks and best wishes

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