Veg Box Newsletter 20th September: As Sweet as Corn

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September is a wonderful time for foraged mushrooms, and this week we have yellow leg chanterelles, girolles, and, new to us, hedgehog mushrooms (pictured above). These are considered to be extremely tasty mushrooms, with a “sweet, nutty” flavour– try sauteeing them for your dinner. Gathered locally by skilled foragers, these mushrooms are a perfect ingredient to base a meal around, so add a bag to your delivery. 

As always, the Online Veg Box Shop is fully stocked with tinned essentials, dry goods, cleaning supplies, fresh bread, tofu, produce, and much more. 

The deadline to get your orders in is 11pm Monday.

Photo credit: Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose on Flikr. CC BY 2.0

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The Nice Bit

I got a little distracted writing today’s newsletter. There are cobs of sweetcorn in all the veg boxes (two cobs for the larger boxes, one cob for the smaller- simply snap the cob in half before cooking to serve two with one cob) but when I looked up recipes I found myself reading the Wikipedia article for sweetcorn, and then for all the 5 main corn types (dent, flint, sweet, pop, flour!) and then I started thinking about sweetcorn in general and the next thing you know I’m reading about how we only started growing corn in the UK in any real quantity in the 1970s and how once, long ago, the word “corn” meant the same as “grain” and in Scotand, would have meant oats.

Now of course I could go down any number of rabbit holes from here: can you track changes in the Scottish diet by language changes? What indigenous farming practices led to the delicious corn we grow today? This all goes to prove, if indeed it needed proving, that vegetables are at the heart of everything and can lead you to learn any number of things! I could spend all afternoon looking into every aspect of corn. But instead, I will nobly reign in my curiosity and focus it instead on what you should cook with the corn in your veg box.

Corn, to me, is the perfect season-change vegetable, with a whole range of things to make on summery days, and things to make on autumnal evenings. We’re having some of both just now, so let’s divide our rounded-up recipes up into those more suited to each. The division is, it goes without saying, strictly subjective: allow no veg box newsletter to tell you not to eat corn the way you want to just because of the weather.


Every kind of corn salad, most of which are inspired by Mexican street corn: the simplest recipe flavours with lime & coriander; the one I’ll be making has feta and sour cream and cucumber as well; this one, with black beans and feta, would be perfect for a packed lunch.
But also a different salad: Korean-style corn salad with watermelon (and chicken, but that’s easily left out if you’d prefer)
Vegan burritos with sweetcorn and quinoa
Barbequed, of course- here’s one with chilli and lime
Thai-spiced vegan sweetcorn burgers
Charred corn salsa
Corn Chaat


Fritters! Sweetcorn and courgette, or just sweetcorn with a black bean salsa. Here’s one with polenta that will be extra crisp, and here’s one with ricotta.
Crab and sweetcorn hash
Sweetcorn, feta and spring onion pancakes.
Soup! Chowder with split peas, chowder with smoked haddock, curried soup, ramen, Jamaican-spiced soup with coconut