Veg Box Newsletter 21st February: Cauliflower


Daffodils are on the way

Spring is nearly here, and as the days get lighter and brighter, we have a great many things to look forward. Add to the list: daffodils from Locavore Flowers. Yellow and cheering, watch this space to know when they’ll be available, and start planning which vases, jam jars and orange juice bottles you’ll arrange them in.

New System Updates

A huge thank you to all the trial customers who helped us test our new order management portal last week! We are delighted to be able to keep rolling it out, and those of you who receive your deliveries on Thursdays or Fridays should have had an email letting you know how to log in. Please use it to pause your deliveries and add items to your orders- you won’t be able to use the Online Veg Box Shop this week. There are a few parts that are still a little creaky so watch this space for improvements, but we’re so excited to be making veg boxes easier than ever.


In the Veg Boxes This Week

Subject to last minute changes

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The Nice Bit

Cauliflower is a wonderful vegetable, in no short part because it’s in season pretty much all year round. Different varieties of cauliflower grow at different times, meaning it’s one of the few options that are with us through the tricky winter months (and through the hunger gap too, but we’re not there yet!) I’m half-convinced this is because I accidentally made a wish to have cauliflower all year round, as I would miss it so much if it was only with us for a few months. 

Cauliflower, being a brassica, is delicious and versatile, but it’s best of all roasted. Not boiling or steaming it means you don’t run a risk of sogginess, instead getting incredible caramelisation and crispy edges. Even just in the world of roasted cauli, you have a wonderful array of options. Sally shared this recipe for cauliflower in satay sauce, which you can serve over rice for an easy weeknight dinner. Nigel Slater suggests roasting the cauliflower whole and topping with a spiced onion sauce, or chopped with tomatoes and onions and dressing with harissa and lemon. Nigella Lawson, meanwhile, has a recipe for a warm cauliflower salad which would make a great dinner party dish. You can make an aloo gobi in the oven, too. 

With cauliflower in standards and ups this week, and as it’ll be around, appearing in the boxes to save us whenever the rest of the season’s pickings are a little repetitive.