Launching ‘Locavore Trading’

Launching Locavore Trading

With the arrival of the new year we are pleased to announce the launch of the newest part of our social enterprise: Locavore Trading.

Locavore Trading aims to help build more sustainable food economies by sourcing sustainable & organic groceries direct from producers in large volumes, and supplying them to progressive independent retailers and caterers who we feel share our values and aspirations for a better food future.

To us this latest project is about providing a significant market to responsible producers and good value, good quality food to progressive businesses and their customers. Collectively this will help us build an alternative to supermarkets and their mainstream supply chains which don’t have the best interests of society and our environment at heart.

Leading us to take forward this project was the opportunity to acquire Healthy Oils, who have been providing such a service since 2003. They have been one of our favourite suppliers and their wholesale offer has enabled us to be very price competitive (often cheaper than supermarkets) for everyday organic staples like pasta, tinned tomatoes, and oils.

Healthy Oils comes with an established customer base of around 80 shops, cafes and caterers around the UK, as well as established relationships with a variety suppliers from small scale organic olive growers to producers of organic tinned pulses and tomatoes.

This new business will let us direct positive change in the food system at a scale which we have not been able to imagine to date. As such we are very excited to take over and look forward to working closely with the existing suppliers and customers to further develop, improve and grow the enterprise so that it contributes as much as possible to building a more sustainable food system.

We’re also keen to link up and supply more progressive businesses and bring in new suppliers over time so that we can help strengthen the whole sector and support more real alternatives to supermarkets. For us this is the most exciting project we have taken on to date with the potential to have more positive impact than anything else we do.

If you are interested in becoming a customer please get in touch with us on

Happy new year!