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We are delighted to announce that The Project Cafe will be handing over their space to Locavore at the end of February. This follows on from the recent news that The Project Cafe CIC will cease trading at the end of February after six fantastic years.

We’re pleased to be able to step in to keep something great going in the city centre. This is especially true as we have so many shared connections with The Project Cafe; they have been collaborators back when we took on the property together for a shared pop up many years ago, and since then have been one of our best wholesale customers, and have inspired our own cafe menu. It feels right!

From the end of February, The Project Cafe CIC will stop trading. Locavore will then move into the space and re-open the cafe without many changes at the beginning of March.

The current staff team will join Locavore and carry things on much as they are without any major changes to the menu or layout. In short; the cafe will feel very much the same for customers and the staff team.

In the long term, we have ideas for making more of the cafe and will consider building upon the existing zero waste shop and extending the food offer to breakfast or dinners. We’ll be asking customers for their thoughts on this over time.

We’d like to say a huge thanks to The Project Cafe directors (Dorian, Eilidh & Tiril) for passing the baton to us and for all the hard work they, and their team have done to build the cafe, to make it what it is for their customers, the local community and the sustainable food movement in Glasgow.

We wish you all the very best for your future projects and pursuits, THANK YOU!

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  1. Jamila Siddique says:

    Let me start by saying how much I appreciate the work you and your team is doing . It goes without saying if we want to cherish the blessings of nature then we need to get our perspective right.your team is certainly working in the right direction.
    It is nice to know that Locavore is aiming to drive their cafe forward.
    The present trend of eating out is disturbing as it’s impact on food production , consumption and worst of all food waste and exhaustion of resources of our planet is difficult to envisage.
    noticed that you are looking for some ideas for the cafe, so here is an idea for my dream eating place:
    1- place runs by strict pre – booking system. to minimise the food waste, weekly menu can be updated on website for lunch and dinner, preferably just 2 dishes at one time, again to control food waste + makes service efficient.
    main dishes can be tweaked to personal needs !
    2- instead of all day food, limit the time of cafe 12:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 21:00. (conserve energy but fresh food)
    3- it would be nice to have seasonal and local produce only, for many good reasons!
    4- left over food on offer 🙂


    Best of luck,


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