Veg Box Newsletter 10th January: Kohlrabi


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The Nice Bit

Some veg is universal, but some veg is Veg Box Veg. Veg you might never encounter if you only shop at big supermarkets. You might think of it as Deep Cut Veg, or Cool Veg. These are underappreciated gems that grow beautifully in our tricky climate, but are often passed over for imported options. If you’re an allotment sort of person (and aren’t I jealous of you if you are!) you might know them well, and grow them yearly; if you’re someone at home in greengrocers’ you might look forward to their season. But if you’re a little new to the veg box scene, you might not yet know your jerusalem artichokes from your globe artichokes, your salsify from your celeriac, or your kohlrabi from a UFO.  (What a wonderful position to be in: finding out there are more vegetables to get to know! Like getting to see a new colour, or learning that your favourite author wrote a book you’d never heard of).

Kohlrabi are decidedly odd veg: they look like a root but are actually an above-ground brassica; they’re sort of like a big turnip made of sweet, tender broccoli stem. Peel off the tough skin and use the inside- you can also cook the leaves like kale. Store in the fridge with the other greens, not in a cupboard like swedes and potatoes. 

Veg box superstar Sue has two recipes for this beloved oddity: a simple roasted sidedish, and for those of us still craving acidity (see above), a 24-hour pickle that goes perfectly with, well, almost anything you might be eating. 

One classic way to enjoy kohlrabi is raw, finely sliced into a coleslaw. This is another way the winter’s veg can help us find fresh flavours. Pair it with apple in a waldorf-y salad or fry apple and kohlrabi together to serve with sausages. If none of these ideas spark your fancy, one of these four from Yotam Ottolenghi will: a salad with lime and apple (apple again!), a kimchi, a curry with coconut and aubergines (one for you supplementary veg bag folk), and a fritti misti also featuring fennel and potato. Tell me you aren’t hungry for something on that list!