Veg Box Newsletter 17th January: Swede


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Freedom Bakery

Freedom Bakery are moving next week, and can’t provide any bread for Wednesday. If you’re subscribed to any and won’t be getting yours, you should have been emailed, and will be refunded. Different Breid loaves, made by our very own Andrew, are available on the Online Veg Box shop- this is a great opportunity to try them.


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The Nice Bit

I have resisted every temptation to attempt a poem in Burns’ style about the swede, which I imagine you’re quite grateful for. But this quieter member of the Burns’ Night Trio does deserve praise. Of course, you can mash it, add butter (and more butter) and be in heaven. But just as poetry is always open to interpretation and reinterpretation, being its best not when it is written and static but when it is read, no dish or ingredient can’t be played with, improved, or adapted. 

Case in point: swede laksa, in which the swede lends “buttery earthiness” (swoon!). Swede gnocchi, here with leeks and kale and a tomato sauce, but eligible for whatever your favourite pasta sauce is- a simple cream sauce might be stellar, or even a rich ragu, with the gnocchi almost like dumplings soaking up the flavours. Fellow veg boxers Growing Communities (based in Hackney) have a lot of sugestions, but I particularly like the sound of these spiced swede fritters, which sound very adaptable (perhaps easily made kid-friendly, too) and like a perfect lunch. 

Swede can be incorporated into Cornish-ish pasties or empanadas. If you’re looking for something to ferment, shredded swede is a great contender. You can roast your swede with rosemary and parmesan for a delicious chip-alternative or make a gratin with swede and kale