Veg Box Newsletter 9th May: Tomatoes

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The Nice Bit

Until our own wonderful polytunnel tomatoes are ready (see above if you’d like to help them grow), we have the early tomatoes from the Isle of Wight, grown by The Tomato Stall. So much sunnier is it on the isle that they have ripe tomatoes ready while ours are yet babies. It’s such a treat to eat a good, fresh tomato. I’ve had the flavourless, cold kind, the principle trait of which seems to be being wet, far too many times. Rarer but so valuable is the aromatic tomato, skin dusted with a fuzz so fine you can’t feel it with a finger but only when you bring the fruit to your lips. The smell alone conjures up the sense of warm sun shining on your upturned face: summer.

Well, perhaps it’s a little over-optimistic of me to say that any UK tomatoes in May are going to be reaching the dizzying heights of a really good summer tomato- that sort of thing takes time and being thoroughly soaked in sun, perhaps more sun than they have just now even on the Isle of Wight. I can confidently say that these tomatoes will be very good for May, but it may be a wait for the very best tomatoes that exist. 

So: let’s cook with these ones to bring out their flavour and sweetness.