Veg Box Newsletter 20th June: Each Peach Pear Plum


Despite the two jumpers I am wearing while I write this, it is nevertheless almost proper summer, and it’s time to start thinking about leaving out a cool bag or insulated box for your veg box deliveries when you’re not in. This is especially worth noting if you have milk or other dairy items on your orders. If you want to make any changes to your delivery instructions, please send an email in to us at

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The Nice Bit

Let’s pay some attention to our fruit bags this week, and think about how we can turn the plums in the bags into delicious meals. Fruit in savoury dishes, is, I know, sometimes a little divisive, but I think the tasty ideas I’m rounding up today might help convince those of you who usually avoid it. But then again, just in case, I’ve got a couple of sweet plum recipes at the end. 

The classic pairing of plums is with duck and there are lots of recipes for making the most of this combination, from a roast duck and griddled plum salad to a whole duck roasted on top of plums to lend them amazing caramelised flavour. If you eat meat but don’t fancy duck, you could serve a crowd pulled shoulder of lamb with plum sriracha, or for an easy dinner try this chicken thigh and plum traybake with sweet spices- just add rice and a herby cucumber and tomato salad. Not eating meat? No problem- try this grilled radicchio and plum salad with goat’s cheese and wild rice. 

If you want plums to be an optional part of the meal, you might like to try making a sauce- spiced plum chutney will be adding interest to your ploughmans’ for months. This fresh plum salsa, piled high on tacos filled with fried fish or black beans, sounds like it’d make everyone happy. 

OK, now the sweet recipes: these Hungarian plum dumplings, made with a mashed potato dough, can be a side dish, but they can also be a dessert: you decide. Roasted plums with maple syrup and star anise sound like they’d be dreamy under a scoop of ice-cream. Or keep it classic, and whip up a perfect plum pie, a crowd-pleaser if I’ve ever seen one.