Veg Box Newsletter 3rd October: Some Like it Hot

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The Nice Bit

It’s very very almost October, and autumn is here. The infinitely long, stretched-out days are done; instead we have dusky evenings and pinkish mornings. The wind blows rather too wild, tangles my hair, and whistles through gaps in window frames. I am, and it feels as inevitable as the meteorological changes, lighting candles that smell basically awful, but a sort of cosy awful. And, what’s more, all our summer crops are ending, less in a slow winding down than in a last hurrah. 

Last week we talked about tomatoes, and also ate tomatoes; this week we have chillies from Narrowboat farm. We have lots of chillies from Narrowboat farm. 

To help make the most of them, we’re trying something new and a little bit exciting- you can add on Chilli Jam Kits. These consist of exactly enough chillies to make a recipe of jam, plus sugar and vinegar and a handy-dandy recipe- it’s that little bit cheaper than buying them all seperately. You will also need pectin and jars and it’s handy if you have a funnel. Already got sugar and vinegar, or want to make extra jam? That’s easy, as you can add on big bags of chillies that are just right for jam-making and we’ve posted the recipe on our site.

Chilli jam is, of course, absolutely delicious, and also very pretty, seeming to glow in its jar. It makes an amazing present, and is even better slipped into a hamper full of organic and/or handmade treats. I know it’s awful early to be planning Christmas presents, but a few jars of homemade jam in the cupboard is a great way to be prepared to put together very good gifts on short notice. 

I love the thought of all of us making jam together from the same recipe with chillies grown locally by our lovely growers, and I’m very keen to see how yours turns out if you make some! Whether you order a kit or just some chillies, whether you adapt the recipe or follow it to the word, make sure you post a photo on our Facebook group or tag us on Instagram.