Veg Box Newsletter 7th November: Nice Things

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The Nice Bit

It’s far too early to think about Christmas, so even if you celebrate you’re probably rolling your eyes at me right now. But then again, maybe starting to think about Christmas good and early is a nice distraction from the cold nights. And maybe you’re the kind of organised person who likes to get things sorted with lots of time to spare. In that vein, here we go: a few nice things we sell that you might want to know about in a Christmassy-related sort of way. Look out for logistics news from us soon.

Montezuma’s Advent Calenders– in dark (which is vegan) or milk chocolate varieties, these are the best way to count down the days. 

Island Bakery Organics Classic Recipe Shortbread Tin – This is the very best shortbread I’ve ever had, so buttery and crumbly. Presented in a gorgeous illustrated tin, this is a great gift in itself or could be the backbone of a very nice hamper. 

Blackthorn Salt – Salt might not sound like a good Christmas gift, but Blackthorn salt is special, fairy-tale salt. Sea water is trickled through an immense tower of thorns, the wild west-coast winds evaporating the water, leaving behind perfect tiny pyramids of flaky salt. 

Dear Green Coffee – To think, you can have some of the very best coffee money can buy delivered with your veg box! Roasted in Glasgow by the B-Corp-status Dear Green, this will go down a treat with any coffee nerds on your shopping list. 

Ed’s Bees Honey – a jar of distilled floral sweetness made by bees that roam Glasgow all summer long

Nemi Tea – Not yet on our website but look out for them next week. These delicious teas are presented in vibrant reusable cardboard canisters, made of recycled materials. Even once the tea’s been drunk (and this stuff tastes so good that it won’t be long) the packaging will keep bringing joy. A ready, crowd-pleasing stocking stuffer, or at home in a hamper.