Different Breid Pricelist for Veg Box Customers

I am a small independent baker working from my smallholding near Bonnybridge.

I specialise in sourdough breads made with different blends of organic
stone ground flour from Shipton Mill.Using a long, slow and natural fermentation process results in delicious crusty bread with complex flavours. I don’t use any preservatives, additives or other funny stuff. Just wonderful flours, water and sea salt. My loaves will happily keep for a week or so & greatly improve in texture & flavour for toasting after a couple of day

Different Breid is tasty breid
A great-tasting loaf with a crunchy crust and chewy, open crumb. Mainly white flour with a special blend of rye, spelt, and oatmeal.
A blend of wholemeal wheat and spelt flours with oatmeal. Nice toasted bran flavours and fresh nutty notes
Rye & Caraway
A blend of dark rye and wheat flour gives a moist, nutty bread with sweet smoky aromatics from caraway seed and freshly ground coffee.
Walnut & Honey
Wholemeal blend with chestnut flour and oatmeal. Perfect with cheese.
A blend of white and wholemeal spelt gives a delicious load with creamy nutty flavours and a light open texture.
A wholemeal blend with oatmeal, malted linseed, sunflower and sesame seeds.

Allergens: all breads contain wheat flour (gluten) and all flours supplied by Shipton Mill may contain traces of nuts – seeded loaf also contains sesame.

To add a loaf or two of Different Breid bread to your subscription, send an email to subscribers@glasgowlocavore.org.