Brussel Sprouts

Infamous for being a less than favourite winter vegetable, Brussels sprouts are traditionally boiled till pale, mushy and bitter. We dutifully pile them on to our plates and shovel them down satisfied at least with the knowledge that we’ve eaten our greens for the day.

This need not be the fate of sprouts! With just a little love and care, these nutrient-rich miniature cabbages have a delicious sweet and nutty flavour.

If you’re looking for a vibrant light dish, you could try slicing them down thinly and preparing them into a salad or slaw.

For something more comforting and warming, why not try them roasted with maple syrup and hazelnuts or with parmesan cheese? If you’re going all out, try baking them into an indulgently creamy gratin. If you would prefer them a little more traditionally the secret recipe is to steam them for a few minutes and add a little butter and pepper.. just don’t leave them boiling to mash for an hour while waiting on the turkey!

So love your sprouts, they have a fantastic flavour when not cooked to death and with 1 cup of cooked Brussels sprouts giving 243% of your daily intake of vitamin K and 129% of vitamin C we reckon they will be the next bit super food…. sprout smoothie anyone?


Brussel sprouts appear in our veg boxes and shop from November to March. They come in red as well as  green and the cabbage like leafy tops are also delicious.