Green Tomatoes

What are they?

With oor sunny Scottish summers, they’re something we see a lot of…  green tomatoes are simply unripe tomatoes. Tomato plants need lots of sun and when the Autumn frosts draw near, there might be some chilly, green toms left clinging to your plant. Before the frost gets them- get them inside! With the tomato being so popular all over the world, it seems that most cultures have made something delicious from green tomatoes. Full of B-vitamins, they help your body balance protein, carbohydrates and fats to give you energy.

What to do with them?

You can actually try ripening indoors if the tomato is the right size and the seeds inside have their little gel-like coating. It’s best to leave them on the vine for this too. Keep them in a warm spot, and even next to a banana friend who has special ripening properties (use the same tip for unripe avocados!). They can ripen as late as December this way.

Your other option is eating them up! They have their own special qualities being firmer and sourer than their ripe siblings. For this reason they’re best cooked or marinated. There are so many delicious recipes online. The classic is Green Tomato Chutney but you can also take advantage of the sour taste and go for a Pickle instead . In the South of the U.S they fry them (there’s a vegan recipe too). Sliced  into thick slices, coated in bread crumbs and fried in a pan. Paired with a hot sauce, they are delicious! In India and Sri Lanka you’ll find yummy Curries and this Green Tomato Tart sounds great too.

In season?

September- November (U.K)