Who Supplies Us

You’ll notice on our weekly veg box newsletters that we list the farms that your produce comes from.

All produce in our small, standard, large and extra large veg boxes is grown in the UK, with some fruit and produce in the supplementary veg bags coming from further afield.

More Information about Suppliers

Organic Pantry, North Yorkshire “Soil health and generating organic matter is at the heart of all of our farming decisions, throughout the season we grow approx 40 different varieties of vegetables and a some cox apples. The farm uses a 5 year crop rotation, starting with potatoes, then vegetables, barley, peas then then grass clover that we mulch back into the soil. We also have 4 poly tunnels that we use for early crops in early spring, like lettuce and winter salad. As things warm up we focus on a variety of tomatoes, salad leaf, radishes, chilli peppers and climbing pencil beans.”