Happy CSA DAY!


It’s March the 1st and the day of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Around the UK today CSA’s are asking people to think about signing up to receive boxes of local organic vegetables which have been grown with love and care.

Community Supported Agriculture takes many forms from from farmer/customer shared risk harvest shares to veg box schemes like us that take the risk away from customers but keep open opportunities open to get involved in your food. We do this though our work share programme.

We’re one of only two CSAs in Scotland and the only serving west central Scotland. As part of CSA day we’d love you to think about signing up to get a delivery of local organic vegetables from us. You can find out more about our veg boxes on our website and use this link to claim a special CSA day 25% off for your first four weeks:


Joining a CSA helps build a fairer and more sustainable local economy by supporting local jobs and organic agriculture. Please think about joining a CSA today! If you’re not in our delivery area have a look at all the other CSAs around the UK and think about joining one:


Happy CSA DAY!