Veg Box Newsletter 25/8/17

Hi Folks,

Winter is coming. Well, not yet, but up on the farm we have to think at least a season ahead. We’ve been sowing carrots and spring onions, which will withstand the cold in our polytunnel, as well as more chard for autumn harvests outdoors, and hardy kale to keep us going through to spring. Over the coming weeks we’ll also be sowing many of the trays of salads, Asian greens, spinach and chard, that will later be transplanted into our polytunnels when our hardworking courgette, cucumber and tomato plants start to run out of energy.

Final call for Munch of Month entries! To be in for a chance of winning a hamper of ethical goods from our shop, enter our monthly competition by sharing a photo of your veg box creation on social media with the tags #locavoremm and #locavorevegbox. The August competition closes on Monday 28th.

This week is treat week! On the fourth Friday of every month we deliver sweet and savoury treat boxes. The sweet treat box contains chocolate, biscuits, sweets and juice. The savoury treat box contains crackers, chutney, and deli items such as stuffed olives and sundried tomatoes. Both are £20, if you’d like to add one to your order, drop us an email at

The Open Food Network is now open for orders to be delivered with your veg box next week. As well as groceries, you can also order additional fruit and veg, bouquets of flowers and donate to the Good Food Fund.

Many of this week’s veg feature on our veggiepedia, including broad beans, cucumber, fennel, squash, kale and courgettes. If you haven’t already, join our growing veg box community over on facebook, and share recipe ideas with your fellow subscribers.

In the boxes this week:

small: Lady Balfour potatoes, carrots, onions, broad beans, chard

standard: Lady Balfour potatoes, carrots, onions, harlequin squash, fennel, French beans, baby plum tomatoes, sutherland kale

large: Lady Balfour potatoes, carrots, onions, courgettes, broad beans, harlequin squash, fennel, tomatoes, French beans, sutherland kale

extra large: Lady Balfour potatoes, carrots, onions, courgettes, broad beans, harlequin squash, fennel, bunched radish, tomatoes, French beans, chestnut mushrooms, sutherland kale

fruit #1: Red Victoria plums

fruit #2: Dr Jules pears

fruit #3: Lena apples

fruit #4: bananas

fruit #5: Black Magic grapes

small foreign: celery, cucumber, bunched radish

standard foreign: celery, cucumber, garlic, chilli peppers, bunched radish, lemon, courgettes


The Locavore Team