Veg Box Newsletter 19th September: Soup Season

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The Nice Bit

I don’t think I need to persuade you about soup. There’s a fairly good chance you’ve had some today already; maybe you’re even dipping a corner of toast into a bowl while you read this on your phone. That’s the kind of role soup usually takes: it’s a cosy, ordinary, homey sort of meal (even if you eat it in the break room at work). It’s so easy to eat you don’t even need to chew, and it’s generally pretty easy to make, too. There’s not much chance that you don’t already have a place for soup in your life, but maybe you are looking to expand your repertoire this autumn. Enter veg box newsletter, stage left, unfurling a banner that reads “I Have Founde Soupe Reciepts From the Internette for Thee to Trie”.

Squash laksa!
Minestrone with kale! Here they have you make a “pistou” but you can top with Locavore pesto if you prefer. 
Chard and lentil soup!
Miso and butternut soup! (would definitely also work with other squash)
Sweetcorn soup!
I wasn’t going to link this creamy potato and kale soup but then I read the bit where the writer gives you tips on how to make your soup less green and I’m utterly baffled about why green soup would be a problem, so I am linking it, in case anybody can explain it to me. 
Here’s a soup the colour of which does bother me: golden beet borscht. I am so used to bright pink borscht that this soup, although it seems very delicious, has thrown me for a loop. I don’t need tips to make my soup less yellow though, it’s a fun kind of confusion. 
I don’t like linking Jamie Oliver but he’s not wrong about a fennel and carrot soup being tasty. 
Courgette and potato soup!
Moroccan-spiced cauliflower soup! 

I will leave you with a general tip, which is that if you can’t find a soup recipe you want to make, but you know you want to make soup with a particular ingredient, roast it with a bulb or two of garlic, plus maybe some carrots, celery, and/or onions, then puree the lot. Add stock and maybe some cream or coconut milk or something, and call it a day. It might not be the best, but it won’t be bad. It can’t be.