Veg Box Newsletter 26th September: Green Tomatoes

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The Nice Bit

Tomatoes turn red all summer long, and then at the end of the season, they stop. There are always some left on the plant that stay stubbornly green. Red, ripe tomatoes are softer and sweeter than the green ones; they taste of summer. Now the growers have cleared the beds and harvested the last of the fruit, green and red, and the season is right at its end. It might seem sad, a small annual tragedy, that there is fruit that stays hard and green.

But I don’t think so;  green tomatoes are fresh, crisp, and sharp. They can be made into a delicious chutney or used as contrast to ripe ones in a salad. Like a lot of the veg we love around here, it can sometimes take a little more work to find out what to do to make the most of it. But it’s worth it; it’s the most rewarding part of seasonal eating, as we get to know all the little oddities of the year. 

Recipe Roundup

Pickled green tomatoes– I want some in a cheese toastie. 
Green tomato curry
Green tomato chutney with apples and sultanas for sweetness, to serve with cheese boards, homecooked ham, or really whatever you like
Fried green tomatoes– apparently these are so good they wrote a novel about em
Green tomato salsa verde substitutes green tomatoes for tomatillos, which are of course so difficult to get in the UK
Green tomato pie with goats cheese and almonds
Green tomato galette, pastry pulled roughly around a pile of pinwheel-sliced-fruit. I think you could make a lot of variations of this too. 
Green tomato dal, a mung daal 
Nigel Slater likes to use green tomatoes alongside ripe red ones (so if you order a bag of red tomatoes with your delivery you’re in luck) in his mixed tomato chutney and baked chicken with tomatoes and olives
This plum and tomato salad, similarly, makes use of ripe and green tomatoes (and ginger, and sesame, and nori, and coriander)