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The Nice Bit

Eating vegetables is one of life’s principle pleasures, and as January is so often a month for asceticism, austerity, and self-punishment, perhaps now is a good time to remind ourselves that eating seasonal, organic, locally-grown veg is delicious and a lot of fun. Eating with the seasons makes every month something to look forward to, as it reveals another batch of deliciousness. Right now we’re still in the plentiful times, enjoying the root veg and cabbages that feed us all winter. The hungry gap, those Spring months when winter veg is over but summer veg not yet ready, is visible on the horizon but even that has its pleasures. Then comes the golden (or rather, green) months when our growing sites and others produce glut after glut: chard, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, rhubarb. And then as the year turns round there will be apples and squash and the root veg will start again.

Veg is both predictable, in that the patterns repeat each year as our handy-dandy calendars show, and very unpredictable, in that the weather’s vagaries and fluxes can have an expected glut turn out to be a shortage, or turn a modest harvest into an abundance. Every year things are a little different but also very much the same. It’s always worth looking for the delight of every season, and I hope we can do that together through this year, cooking and eating our way through the months.