Veg Box Newsletter 11/08/17

Hi Folks,

The biggest news of the week is that we should be opening our new grocery store, deli and veg box HQ at the former Pandora Bar in the south side. It has been great to see the happy response!

This week at the Urban Croft, the growers have been harvesting lots of rainbow carrots, beetroot, beans, patty pan, dill, as well as beautiful tree spinach, which you may find in your veg box delivery (if you’re lucky!). The sweetcorn has been progressing nicely, and we’ve also been getting the Croft ready for autumn and winter crops.

Our Munch of the Month competition for August is coming along nicely. If you’d like to be in for a chance of winning a hamper of goodies from the shop, simply share a photo of your veg box creation on social media with the tags #locavoremm and #locavoreveg box. The closing date is Monday, August 28th.

As it’s the second Friday of the month, we’re delivering cheese boxes. There are 3 sizes to choose from: small (£20), standard (£37.50) and large (£55). Each box has a selection of delightful cheeses: the small has 4 varieties, the standard has 8 varieties and the large has 12. If you’d like to add one to your order, just drop us an email at

Lastly, check out our Veggiepedia for some nice vegetable facts and recipes. For this week’s veg boxes, we have pages on courgettes, broad beans, kale and tree spinach.

In the veg boxes this week:

small: Potatoes – Accent, Carrots, Onions, Squash – Harlequin, Chard / Perpetual Spinach
standard: Potatoes – Accent, Carrots, Onions, Squash – Harlequin, Garlic, Beans – Broad, Spring Greens, Salad Mix
large: Potatoes – Accent, Carrots, Onions, Squash – Harlequin, Courgettes, Garlic, Tomatoes, Beans – Broad, Chard / Perpetual Spinach, Kale – Sutherland
extra large: Potatoes – Accent, Carrots, Onions, Squash – Harlequin, Courgettes, Tomatoes, Beans – Broad, Beans – French, Chard / Perpetual Spinach, Kale – Sutherland, Salad Mix

fruit #1: Blueberries
fruit #2: Apple – George Cave
fruit #3: Melon – Canary
fruit #4: Peaches
fruit #5: Plums

small foreign: Mushroom – Chestnut, Tree Spinach or Rolet Squash, Garlic or Peas
standard foreign: Celery or Tree Spinach or Rolet Squash, Basil or Thai Basil, Pepper – Chilli, Mushroom – Chestnut, Peas, Garlic


The Locavore Team