Smoky Jackfruit Ideas

This week’s vegan boxes have a double-whammy serving of smoky jackfruit! It’s a great opportunity to experiment with this tasty and versatile ingredients. I’ve asked around the office, and here’s what we’re doing with ours:

Vegan Jackfruit Chilli

Use Locavore kidney beans, black beans, and chopped tomatoes (avaliable on the Open Food Network) to make a chilli sans carne. The smokiness adds a depth of flavour you can amplify with dried smoked chillies, plenty of paprika, and cumin. A generous teaspoon of cocoa powder and a scant one of cinnamon add a little rich sweetness. Serve with a sour cream made of soaked cashew nuts and lime juice.


This prepared jackfruit saves you the effort of marinading it for pulled jackfruit tacos. Use good soft corn tacos for the authentic flavour, and top with more of that cashew sour cream plus a tomato and red onion salsa for a treat to brighten up a gloomy evening.

Burrito Bowls

Heat up some of those Locavore black beans, spice them with paprika, cumin and cayenne powder, and serve on rice alongside smoky jackfruit, cashew sour cream and salsa. Let everyone you cook for build their own bowl for a fun dinner.


Fill a bun with smoked jackfruit and top with a dollop of barbeque sauce and some vegan coleslaw (made with more of those cashews).

Let us know what you make with yours! And if you’re sad to be missing out on these vegan treats and want to try a Vegan Box next month, let us know!